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In short, Message4u will provide a monthly service whereby a personalised News-mail will be sent out to your customer database. The News-mail will contain information regarding the company i.e. promotions, specials, events, entertainment news, latest exhibitions and latest happenings.

All News-mails will be done in HTML, animations will be created in either Flash or animated GIF's and all images will reside on a remote server. This will mean that only the coding will be sent to your database to obtain an almost 100% delivery ratio.

We will also add coding to your website inviting visitors to enter their email addresses which will update your database automatically. In addition a sample of your News-mail will also be placed on the message4u web site inviting more visitors to join your database.

What we offer
  • Database Profiling
  • Creative Design & Development
  • Database maintenance & updates
  • Campaign Reporting & Analysis
What can you do on your News-mail?
  • Special Offers Notices.
  • News-mail up-to-date information
  • Accurate information on promotions, specials, events, entertainment news, latest exhibitions and latest happenings.
  • Invitations to special events & exhibitions
  • Contests to encourage people to participate
  • Rewards to all your loyal customers
  • Direct traffic to your website for more information if you wish
  • Information as to new seasonal stock, specials and promotional merchandises.
  • Reader feedback and surveys.
Just about anything Possible…

What are the benefits of permission-based News-mail marketing?
  • By giving the option of permission-based the recipients may choose to receive information about your businesses' products and services from your website or referral email that someone nominate them to receiver.
  • Ability to customise and personalise a welcome note.
  • Increased customer response options where a recipient can respond immediately by contacting via email or contact details.
  • Also by a status report you can track and measure how many News-mail were sent that month and when in order to help you with your Marketing Campaign.
Referral marketing is another way of building your list. A lot of people tell friends and colleague about good service, great experiences or a great offer. We get your audience to spread the word. By putting a 'Tell Someone' or a 'Subscribe to News-mail ' on the newsletter or on your website. This way you will increase your databases and clientele. To create new additions we can even offer a reward for people who are forwarded and creating new additions to you News-mail.

Consider this for a moment… What is an inbox? It brings you e-mails, reminders, special offers, and advertisements. It is the new age of information that you personally can control what you want and don't. Keep or trash. It's practical, fast, easy, cheap and open 24/7. News-mail s is probably the most cost effective method of advertising in getting your message across directly to your target audience. Thus also creating brand awareness and brand loyalty. If you think about it when properly planned and targeted, News-mail is the best in touch marketing medium and not to mention the most direct response device available online.

It is also a customer relationship tool because of its ability to interact between you and the client. You will be able to maintain a great relationship with customers and obtaining high response rates. News-mails can and will be an important part of a business marketing efforts as it can boost already high response rates or even higher. Everyone in marketing is probably with the term of the business maxim: it always costs six times more to attract customers than to hold on to an existing one. Keeping in mind that customers are gradually more profitable over time, it is most important to do everything possible to keep them. Information through News-mail is perfect. News-mail marketing is clearly becoming the most cost-effective marketing channel and outperforming many other advertising medias.

News-mail s is great complement to your other marketing activities, helping reinforce messages, promotions, specials, events, entertainment news, latest exhibitions and latest happenings. E-mails are already an integral part of the relationship you have with your customer and an important addition of your brand. You can only improve the relationship by impressing your clients with a creative design & developed newsletter.With the low cost of News-mails it has made direct newsletters accessible to a wide range of marketing budgets.

Compared with traditional direct mail, digital delivery (e-mail/newsletter) can be five times as cost-effective. Generally, marketers can expect to pay between R 1 116.00 to R 2 450.00 for one - two banners a month or even R 3 333.33 per month just to have a banner or ad added to one newsletter that is not personalised as their own. Therefor making it less sought after by people.

Traditional direct mail will cost, once paper, postage and production costs are accounted for, between R8 to R23 apiece. (For a one - five page booklet/newsletter) Which gets thrown away because people are so tired of getting junk mail. We believe that integration can make messaging more valuable, we emphasise value from the beginning. By have valuable content to compel consumers to open and read messages. The implementation of high-volume News-mail technology into the sales and marketing efforts of businesses can result in a high return on their investment. You can get a person via a News-mail to go to your site to make a purchase to satisfy their need for product and your need for the sales.

Why start sending an News-mail?
  • It opens with your customer and prospects. With News-mails it enable a client to contact you immediately and interact. They can even exchange ideas, request more information and provide feedback.
  • Its will stimulates leads and cross selling. A News-mail puts you in touch and in front of the customer, which enables you to display new products, offers and information.
  • It is low-cost and instant with a database of News-mail addresses you have instant access to your customers and all prospects.
  • It will also increase the lifetime value with the customer and no competitor can buy your relationship with your customers. It will provide an ongoing relationship with your customer and a way of keeping in touch with them.
  • A News-mail will give you a right to be heard and a position in the marketplace from which you can communication important information.
Its is the only way we operate…

The South African Government of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act No. 25, 2002 has been in place since 31 July 2002. Government has introduced extensive penalties for sending unsolicited emails. Penalties include civil and/or criminal proceedings taken against violators of recently introduced legislation. All emails & details that are added to you the clients' database will be done by following the strict guidelines by the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act rules.

What Is Spam?
The Spam Act says that spam is an "unsolicited commercial electronic messaging". The Act refers to that messages may only be sent to an address when; you (the company) has been contacted by that person responsible for that address and have given you consented to receive from you.

What Does The Legislation Mean For Your Business?
Businesses need to comply with the provisions of the Spam Act when sending commercial electronic messages. To ensure that we are compliant with the Spam Act, we will consider the following three steps:
  • Only send commercial electronic messages with the recipients' consent.
  • Include clear and accurate information about the person or business that is responsible for sending the commercial electronic message.
  • Unsubscribe - Ensure that a functional unsubscribe facility is included in all our commercial electronic messages.
We Deal with unsubscribe requests promptly.

Please read our Private Policy & Terms And Conditions for more details…


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